Jessica Coker Spartanburg County council district 6 VOTE JUNE 14
Jessica Coker
Spartanburg County
District 6
Spartanburg County District 6 Needs a CPA on Council. Jessica Coker Spartanburg County council district 6 Faith. Family. Finances.

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I feel called to serve the people of Spartanburg County.



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As a local accountant, I work with many small businesses who have struggled this year, and I have made it my charge to ensure everyone receives the financial aid they need to get through. That level of commitment is what I show to my clients, and it’s what I’ll show to the people of District Six too.

Three Issues

Why I’m Running

Support Jobs & Small Business

As a small business owner, as well as a CPA who serves small businesses, I know just how important we are to employment and our economy. On county council, I will always focus on supporting small businesses, their owners, and employees. Massive investment from global companies has made Spartanburg County a hub for economic activity. Let’s bring more people and small businesses into the orbit of such companies by investing in workforce development and tech training. I know our local colleges and technical schools are ready and willing to help. Let’s put them to work!

Increase Fiscal Responsibility

Being responsible with money is a lesson I preach every day to my clients. I work diligently to allow taxpayers to keep as much of their money as allowed by law. The same principle must be applied in government. It is imperative that the county remain within budget and keep as much money in residents’ pocket. The ongoing COVID pandemic has shown us just how important it is for county governments to plan ahead and spend wisely.

Improve Education and Neighborhoods

As a mom, I lose sleep worrying about our education system. How can we do more to help kids grow and prosper? I believe county council should work closely with Spartanburg County’s school districts to get all public schools to a top rating. Parents will rest easier knowing their child is obtaining the best education available, no matter where they have chosen to reside. Speaking of, school locations should be in the best interests of kids and families, not those who benefit from new construction. Let’s also make sure proper roads, turn lanes, and crosswalks exist around new schools before they open the doors.

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